A Cautionary Tale : Know the data ….

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humpty_dumptyDon’t fall  off the wall because you were  distracted by  all the bells and whistles!  We all have great app ideas but, sometimes we over look the data  we’re working with.  Remember, It’s  all about the data.    This post  is cautionary tale on the lessons I learnt while working with the active access  API.

Lessons Learnt

My cautionary tale started not too long ago,  I  fell in love with the Active Access API for my starter kit. As a  yogi, runner, and cyclist this API seemed perfect.  I had this grand vision to build graphic  heavy app, that  allowed a user to search for activities in their area.  It seemed like the perfect fit.  Much like anyone else trying something new,  you want to know does it  possess  the qualities you’re looking for.  Mashery I/O docs gave me a glimpse into what this API could do.  After using  the I/O docs tool I  was absolutely thrilled to discover that this API did  has  images, my vision was coming true.  The plan was simple build an app that showed the image activity, description, and date.  Using the WinJS.xhr    I began my app building application and,  pulling in the data I wanted.   The result  wasn’t the best;  Active Access  isn’t know for having the best images.  It also doesn’t really represent  the possibilities of  this particular API.



Data a Developers Muse.  Look at what I missed :S

When working with an APIs I have learnt that, Data is a developers Muse.  The response to an API call will motivate and inspire you to  build functional apps.  It is clear to see now(see above) that the perfect app  idea was staring at  me right in the face.   It’s all about the geo-location data.
By using the geo-location data one could build a true mash-up.  What do I mean ?  Using the longitude and latitude  one could integrate the Bing Map SDK   to map the activities location. The mash-up of  these two APIs would  enhance the overall user experience for modern-style apps.



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