API MASHUP: Active Access API

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The APIMASH UP is an exciting project that,  was inspired by the evangelist team community engagement over the past year.  At every hackathon, workshops and classroom we engaged with we were exposed to the wonderful world of APIs through companies like Mashery. As a team we came together to build a group of starter kits that exposed developers to API app development on Windows 8.

A-iconActive Access API : Get moving !!!

The Active Access API  is a fun API  that  gives developers access to all sort of activities, ranging from sports to parities in particular area. This API is made up of several APIs which include: Activity  Search, Activity Details , and Activity Reviews just to mention a few.

In this starter kit  I used the  Activity Search API .  This particular API supports a keyword search against Active.com .  The Search API  has data types which include: endurance, team sport, youth camps,  tennis leagues, park & recreation, fitness, classes, and business events.  Each one of these data types could provide you with  for an awesome app idea.

Getting Started 

Before you  download the any starter kits, make sure to have your trusted Windows 8  development kit in hand.

Setting up 

If you haven’t already make  sure you have signed up for a  Mashery Developer Account to gain access to all APIs.

Working with the Kit 

APMASH_ActiveAccess API starter kit is an introductory starter kit that shows you how to interact with external web services.

Open up the solution file(.sln) in Visual Studio  and run it.  Follow the screen shots below to interact with kit.

Launch the APP

Launch the APP


Read Description

Read Description

Enter and Save the key

Enter and Save the key


Enter Search Query

Enter Search Query



Editing the starter kit

Setting the Scene

  • Open up the ActiveAccess.js file
  • Customize: build up the URL to request below
     var requestStr = "http://api.amp.active.com/search/"
                    + "?v=json"
                    + "&k='" + that._query + "'"
                    + "&l=New York City'" // this can also be a zip code , latitude or longitude
                    + "&r=50" // radius number consider using this search content in the future
                    + "&m=''"// metadata the ultimate search.  Split up and make into drop boxes natural language applies, date time
                    + "&f='actvities'"// other options are result, trainining, and articles. Consider making an app focused on each one
                    + "&s='relevance'" //other options include date_asc, dat_desc switch this option to a drop down box
                    + "&num=25"
                    + "&page=50"
                    +"&api_key="+that._devkey+"";// change key

Index the items

Used by the virtualized datasource to  fetch items.  It will request a specific item and optionally ask for a number of items on either side of the request index.  To review how t0 index items works please view the function below in the starter kit.

itemsFromIndex: function (requestIndex, countBefore, countAfter )
  • Re-build request URL for the request and begin to fetch the index.  Make sure the URL request is the same as the one used before.

Learn More

Please make sure the read my  next post ; A cautionary  tale :  The data story .  This is always the lessons I learnt  building  this starter kit,  tools used, and app ideas for Active Access API.


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