App Experiment: what does drive downloads? Part 2

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Phone / Windows Phone 8

Remind me   vs  Don’t Forget

smalliconRemindmeAPP One: An app name and icon should immediately relay to the user what the app is all about. Remind me  does exactly as the name implies.  The app icon is a notepad and a clock with a shed of blue(#FF033649) background.

smalliconDont4GAPP Two: Don’t Forget — working off the phrase an elephant never forgets, the icon has an elephant.  Different from the icon above that uses images to relay its purpose to the user, this icon tells a story.



With slight differences in color and app vocabulary each app is meant to provide the user with a different app experience.  The Remind me app is calmer in color and choice in words. When the app is launch the user is provided with a list of their reminders under what’s going on.  On the other under Don’t Forget the color is more upbeat and the reminders under You’ve Gotta. What’s going implies request.  You’ve Gotta could imply a demand.

720p  720p

720p1  720p1

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