App Experiment: what does drive downloads? Part 3

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Phone / Windows Phone 8

Doesyourapp  Launching an app is so much more than just submitting your app into the store.  In the case of  Remind me and Don’t  Forget there are so many apps that do exactly what  they do.   So the big question is in app store saturated with so many similar apps will mine get noticed ?
Using  key search terms  or App Store Optimization(ASO)  is essential  in improving the visibility of a mobile application in the store.  The goal is to make it easier for potential easier to notice your app.  Along with a eye catching logo ASO is going to be one of the many ways that is going to drive your app numbers up.

Both  Remind me  and Don’t  Forget  were submitted to the Windows Phone store on the 12/29/2013, and available in the store the next day.  Below I have listed the search terms I used for both apps.

Remind me: Calendar, Reminder, Schedule, to do & todo (a common misspell)

Don’t Forget: Forgetful, Calendar, Reminder, and notes.

Just a quick reminder  this app experiment was done under the following conditions: No app promotion; Non-specific ASO (App Store Optimization);No extra functionality i.e. no speech to text , GEO location, OCR etc. The hypothesis was with the following conditions were high downloads still a possibility after  5 days.  Let’s  have the a look at  the results.   After five days in the app store, Reminder had a  69 downloads and Don’t forget had 15 downloads.  From the results I thinks it is clear to see that a  good Icon,  a decent app name, and  ASO is not enough.

To drive app downloads and keep your user base,  you definitely need a little bit more than what I did.   For the next  posts on this  topic , I am going to looking into the  following topics:

  • Enhancing your app features to keep your users.  Just because someone downloads your app doesn’t mean they will keep it.
  • Marketing your app.  Using  Stacey Mulcahy  app marketing techniques,  I am going to re-launch both apps. The hope is with proper marketing techniques and enhanced features, I will be able to triple my downloads in  five days or less.

Request: Download my app critique it and leave your comments on this  post.   Please let me know which cool features you would like to see what,  changes you like and even design suggestions.  (Remind me   & Don’t Forget )



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