App Experiment: what does drive downloads? Part 1

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(sav)UserThis post is way overdue.  At the end of  2013 I did a little of experiment.  The purpose of the experiment was build 2 apps that performed exactly the same function and only change the Icons, color, name and vocabulary and examine the download numbers over 5 days.  Both apps were launched under the  following conditions: No app promotion; Non-specific ASO (App Store Optimization);No extra functionality i.e. no speech to text , GEO location, OCR etc.

The App
The app was a simple to do list with and with an alert function to notify the user when an activity was due.

Why this app?

Why on earth would you want to use this app vs using your calendar app linked to your mail client? A fair question. This app is not going to change the world. Your work calendar could be accessible by your boss and colleagues. You might not want them knowing that you have a mani-pedi after work. You could always mark these events as private but if you have several of these a week it looks a bit awkward.

Naming an App
When I thought of this app I came up with a couple of words and phrases that come to mind when I think of a reminder.



Jotting down your ideas on a board or notebook is a great way to come up app names, designs and most importantly scope out your project.  As a result of the above I narrowed down my options down to reminder; an elephant never forgets; and don’t forget.(App 1 2 in store )

Part 2 | Part3

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