/build 2013 Windows 8.1 Presentations, Announcement & Prizes

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As I was waiting  at  the airport  for my long trip back to  New York from the /build  conference in San Francisco. In the SFO terminal as I  wait for my delayed flight I see a number of Microsoft shopping bags at the  feet of a number of waiting passengers; a reminder of a week filled with awesome  presentations,  great announcements,  and Oprah Moments “Everyone gets a new Surface Pro and Acer tablet!!!!!”

Microsoft has a way of  bring developers all  over the world to celebrate  technology.  This was my first //build conference  and amongst all the  awesomeness  I had the opportunity to meet developers from all over the world form  Lagos Nigeria,  all the way to Sydney Australia.  As a Ugandan working at Microsoft it was great to see how this one event brought together people from all over the world!

Last year,  I watched the conference online like so many just before I joined Microsoft.  The announcement of Windows  8  brought about the re-imagination of  an entire Windows platform. The launch of  Windows 8 last year not only opened up the our  minds  to the way we interact with a system, it changed the way we as developers  developed on this platform.  After all this what was next ?  What would we see this year ?  How can we get better? more exciting?What are we all  going to  be seeing in Windows 8.1?

As you download the Windows 8.1 preview here are you some of the great features you have to look forward to.   A new spin on an old tale … the start button back. Talk about kicking it retro. I didn’t miss the start button but, I do  appreciate the re-birth of such a defining feature the Windows OS.  The hands free swiping gesture  feature on Windows 8.1 blew me away.  For  Windows 8.1  user this changes the way you use anf interact not the way you interact with your app but the way you use it.  Hurray to less finger smudges on my tablet and laptop!!!! For  a developer this makes the dev experience even more exciting. On the Windows 8 Phone side we saw the announcement of  new Nokia phones and the long awaited announcement of new apps like Facebook.

On the tools side Visual Studio 2013  got even better; ASP.NET got  cooler;  bing open up it’s doors even more;  ; Azure even got more seamless; and  Project Spark that enables anyone to build, play and share games.The demos during the keynotes and sessions through this week  revealed amazing new features on these platforms.
Bing introduced  great  development new features with the trip planner, that showed off great apis and features like voice recognition, and geo fencing just to mention a few(view developer resources). I love Azure, it give you the cloud with a point and click. Azure mobile services makes it seamless for developers to create  amazing cross platform devices! Why be on one platform when you can be everywhere.
Aside from intern projects about three years I haven’t used ASP.NET since the days of web forms :S.   After  the demos this week I want to try out the amazing new template in Visual 2013 that allows to you to create web apps using multiple templates like Facebook,SPA , mobile, etc.  After this demo I want to revisit an old  friend.This  is just a brief insist to /build check out more infer on Chanel 9 !

There were so many new and exciting things said this week but, I have to say my favorite quote of the week was by Gurdeep Singh Pall; “Apps are going to have eyes, hears and mouths”.  This defines  quote defines how we should be building apps, and Windows 8.1 is  a gateway to new way we build apps .

Go dos !   Check out /build online,  Download Windows 8.1 SDK  and most importantly enjoy your app building experience.


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