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Connecting a new MySQL Database to an existing Azure WordPress Site

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In my previous post ,  I went through how to provision a  MySQL database for an existing  website.   Now, that you have a  provision a  database  for your site the next step  is to connect the two of them together.   Currently there is no way to connect a new  database to an existing website  using the  Azure portal. If you are in this situation before you will need to manually to this using […]

Re-provisioning a MySQL Database for an existing Azure WordPress Site

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 If you have ever  unfortunately deleted  the ClearDB to your Word Press  Azure Site you  the next time you navigate to your blog, you will be greeted by the  HTTP 500 error.  As an  avid  blogger or small business owner this can bring  a huge amount of stress ! This post is going to show you how to get your blog up and running in  using a few simple tools  and contacting the  write  people.