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Pharaoh Birdy  A Windows 8  App  by  Sep  DiMeglio. Pharaoh Birdy  is  a quirky shooter game from aspiring young game developer Sep DiMeglio using Construct 2. The game’s hero Birdy  goes through significant  times in history doing his part to make world a better place. In Sep’s first version of this game, Birdy is a Pharaoh  fighting the evil mummy birds out to  destroy the land.  What makes this game special is Sep’s attention to detail.   Creating all the assets himself  he  has taken the concept  of a  simple shooter game and given it character.   From the  details of the hero’s sprite movement mimicking a birds chest puffing while  in flight  to the  biting motions of the villains teeth.   The addition of power up gems  each having there own  twist gives the player something to look forward to. If you can’t take my word for it please download it and give it a try.

Meet Sep!


Sep is a first year Computer Science student at Pace University.  He built his very first app  a little over three months ago,  for the  Windows 8 student app challenge. With a four  Windows 8 games and 2 phone apps in the store , Sep has learned a lot from his first match app Veggie Time , to platform game Dessert Jump and finally to Pharaoh Birdy. With each game being  more sophisticated than the one before  Sep shows how ones talent can grow in such a short amount of time.  I can’t wait for Sep to takes his next journey  learning  Unity !

Let’s Play



Pharaoh Birdy’s  mission is to  destroy as many  mummy birds before they get to him first.  To add an additional challenge to the game every mummy bird that our hero misses he losses points.  If you pay attention you will notice every time an arrow is fired  by either hitting the space bar on tapping on the screen you will hear swoosh sound. This exactly the sound one would expect to hear when arrow leaves a bow.  These minor touches that Sep has made to his game  are not only relevant to the theme of the game but, also enhance the user experience.  Check out the video to see the game in play .

Incentives – Power-ups


Pac-Man is credited as the first video game to feature a power-up mechanic. In a game  power-ups  give players that instant benefit or add extra abilities to the game’s character.   Sep handles this well by  providing four power gems:  the bonus life ; the ability to fire multiple arrows at once; freezing the mummies  currently on the screen for a couple of seconds; and increasing the arrows speed.

To find out more about Pharaoh Birdy and the developer check out his tumblr page.

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