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Before you read this post, I assume you have read getting started with a vNext project on a Mac.

ASP.Net vNext has been designed to be cloud ready. So, regardless of whether you are on Mac/linux/PC or using sublime or  Visual Studio 2015  deploying a website with Github is going to be the same workflow.

Deploying ASP.Net  vNext Project using GitHub

The first thing we want to do is hook-up your vNext Project from Github to Azure using Kudu (if you don’t have repository fork mine). This allows for continuous deployment from your Github repo to Azure.  Kudu is the engine that can run within and  outside of  azure that allows for git/hg deployments, WebJobs, and various other features in Azure Web Sites. Kudu does this by  generating deployment scripts under the hood and, deploy a website when pushing changes to a Github repo.

Once you have with either forked my repo or pushed your’s to Github follow the following steps to deploy your site. Please note that I am running the vNext beta project.

  1. In Azure portal click on websites and click new then custom create.
  2. Enter sites name, select web hosting plan (in my case East Region US), and select from source control.
  3. Select Github. If this the first time you have gone through this workflow , you will be asked to authorize Azure to access your Github repo.
  4. Select the repo you want to use and select the checkmark .
  5. Once the process is complete click the deployment tab to check that everything was successful. The deployment history on the Deployments page will show an Active Deployment message
  6. To test for continuous  deployment, I am going to open my Github repo and make a change to the home page.  In this case I will add a sentence with a link that point to this post.  Return to the deployment page in Azure portal, and you should be able to verify that the update has been pulled.

So, they you have it! The all process will take you about 6 mins max. Here is this project on Azure. If you have a question please leave a comment below.


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