Publishing Vids to the Windows App store

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You are creating a brand and mini store every time you  launch an app.  So, let’s your App Studio application into the Windows Phone Store. At this time I hope you have already gone through: the new App studio ; making an Windows Phone 8 app using App Studio; and  getting ready to publish. 

In my last post I went through testing your app by downloading the package. Now since you have are testing your app it is time to make it available for people to use.  The next step is to download the publish package(marked submit to store)


Submit to store

Note you will need a dev center account and follow the publication process. Remember as a student you get a dev center account for free. If you are not a student you will get a Windows 8 and Windows Phone account for $19.

Submit to Store

    1.  Click Download publish package download_converted
    2.  Click download and save the file(.xap).
    3. Go to
    4. Sign at the top right hand corner using your Microsoft account
    5. Click Dashboard Click Dashboard
    6. Click Submit app
    7. Click and fill in the App Info as follows
      Submit options
      -App Alias.  This is used to refer to your app here on Dev Center
      -Select the App Category
      -Pricing. If this is a paid app consider putting a free trial.
      – Select a Market distribution process.
      -Click Save.
    8.  Click Upload and describe your packages
    9.  Complete  the upload and describe  your packages as follows
    •  Click on Add New and select the  app package file (.xap).
    • Scroll down to package’s store info
    • Select language
    • Enter Description for the store. Remember to be keep your app description short, catchy and straight to the point.
    • Enter five specific exact words or phrase that user  can use to search of your app store . In my app experiment post I went over app store optimization in more details.
    • Upload app images.  This would include  App Icons,  promotional images(Background Images 1000by800 Px),  and screenshots.
    • Finally submit for review.

Please watch out for my post of  on creating App Icons.

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