Recurring Characters

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Do you  have a mentor ? This is a question I have been asked most of my adult working life.As I navigate and grow my career , I don’t know if I have mentors per se but, I am noticing a few recurring characters that have played significant roles in my growth.

Meet my recurring characters

The Advisor

Advisors often tell you things you don’t want to hear but need to.
Note your advisor will NEVER be rude, bossy or condescending. So, please don’t mistake a bully for an advisor.
Their message will be one of genuine concern and guidance. I talk to my advisors as I navigate my career goals. I will usually test run big career conversations by them like promotions, salaries, and leading projects.
From my advisors, I have learned not to be afraid to ask. It’s my career after all.

The Listener

Need to vent? You need to a listener. A listener truly listens to what you have to say with no judgment but with clarity.
Note a Listener isn’t bitchy or, there to be bitchy with you.
A listener helps you validate your feelings, or help identify ways to cope and understand new tasks. I often go to my listeners if I have noticed that my voice is not being heard, crosscheck a strongly worded emails :) , or learn how to practice more empathy at work.
From my listeners, I have learned to be more aware, assertive, and respectful.

The Cheerleader

The cheerleader will never let you give up or, let you undermined your achievements.
Note a cheerleader is not here to boost your ego.
A cheerleader is a person who helps you plan out your goals, identify successes you might have overlooked, and most importantly teaches you how to learn from your mistakes.
From my cheerleaders, I have learned that making mistakes is okay. And that my achievements don’t need to be grand to matter.

The Adventurer

The adventurer will motivate you to take risks and try something new.
Note an adventurer isn’t here to bring out your inner “bad girl or boy”.
An adventurer is a person who encourages to take the next steps and, go out of your comfort zone. My adventurers have pushed to explore careers, projects, and various opportunities that I thought I was undeserving of.
From my adventurers, I have learned to be fearless with humility.

With every positive and thoughtful interaction, you have with people there are lessons to be learned and shared. Don’t focus on their title and building a list of impressive big names in the industry. Focus more on the experiences that people from various backgrounds have to offer.

Hope this helps !

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