Windows 8 & Windows Phone Dev Accounts have Merged

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Windows Phone 8


Windows  and Windows Phone developers registration has come together !  Starting at $19 a year developers have access to both Window and Window Phone developers accounts with one registration.

Here’s how it works

  • If you have existing registered Windows Store Account you can now submit apps to the Windows Phone store at no additional cost, using the same live account(Microsoft account).
  • Same applies for registered Windows Phone developers , if you can now submit to the Windows Store account at no additional cost as well using  your live account.
  • New developer you couldn’t have  picked a better time to join. Developers can either register or renew their  information just once for only $19 for an individual account or $99 for a company account. Any new or renewed accounts get access to publish to both stores with one registration.
  • Developers with an existing account with both a Windows Store and Windows Phone account,  using the same live account, they will receive a  code that  they can use next year for a free one year renewal.
  • For students stay tuned for my next post .

Note :  the dashboard will remain separate.

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